10 Advantages to Moving into a Scottsdale Senior Living Community

Our lives change as we grow older. Making a move to a new place can be intimidating, especially for someone who spent years living independently in their own home. Unfortunately, aging can present certain challenges that require more care and attention.

A Scottsdale senior living community is one option that can provide comfort and safety, along with a sense of independence. What are the advantages of moving your elderly loved one into a Scottsdale senior living community?

  • They Can Regain Their Social Life

Some seniors experience feelings of isolation as more of their friends and family grow up, move, or pass away. This can lead to depression and serious health concerns. It can also lower their happiness and quality of life.

A senior living community can introduce your loved one to a new and engaged social network. They will be able to spend time with people who have similar life experience, hobbies, and more. Staff and new friends will encourage your loved one to participate in social gatherings and events. It’s an excellent boost for self-confidence and will help prevent isolation and depression.

  • More Reasons to Get Up and Get Moving

An active senior living community will give your loved one more reasons to get up and get moving. Many facilities offer fitness classes that are great for physical health and socializing. In most cases, classes and events are hosted on-site, so your loved one doesn’t have to go far to participate. An active lifestyle can make a big difference in their health and overall outlook.

  • Daily Activities for the Mind and Body

Those activities are also beneficial for the mind and body. Our minds need to be exercised just like our muscles. Regular use helps keeps us sharp. Your loved one will have far more to do. Some activities present opportunities to learn new skills, which can help boost cognitive ability and dexterity. It also creates new topics of discussion among residents, encouraging social interactions.

  • Better Daily Nutrition Management

Nutrition is a concern as our loved ones get older. A loss of mental or physical ability can lead to malnutrition which can bring on a host of medical conditions. It can weaken the immune system, increase recovery times, cause poor wound healing, and a general decline in bone mass and muscle tone.

Our senior living community will ensure that your loved one receives delicious meals that meet their daily nutritional requirements. This will also reduce the risk of a kitchen-related accident because we do all the cooking.

  • Less Stress for Your Loved One

Transitioning into a senior lifestyle can be difficult for many people. Some feel uncomfortable asking for help, while others may not realize how these changes affect their ability to thrive. Feeling unable to do the things they used to do can cause significant stress, yet most do not want to give up their independence.

Your loved one can rest easy when they move to an assisted living community. All the necessary service and amenities are available to ensure that they receive proper care while retaining as much independence as possible.

  • Keeps Them Closer to Medical Care Providers

Injury and illness can happen unexpectedly. If your senior family member is living alone, it could take time for them to get help in case of an emergency. A senior living facility will let them live closer to the medical care providers and services they may need in case something happens.

  • No More Housework or Yard Work

Maintaining a home takes a lot of time and energy. There’s cleaning, maintenance, and yard work to be done. This can become overwhelming for a senior who may not be able to keep up like they once did. Even if your loved one is physically capable, they may prefer to invest their time in activities they enjoy rather than household work.

Moving to an assisted living community allows seniors to live comfortably in a clean, safe place without all the extra work. It frees up their time so that they can pursue old hobbies or discover new interests.

  • Manage Living Expenses More Effectively

Finances can be a sensitive topic for seniors. Many live on a tight budget. Their working days are behind them, which means that they have to make their savings last. An assisted living community allows for easier budgeting.

For example, an average mortgage in the U.S. is over $1,000 a month plus about $2,000 per year for property taxes. There are monthly utilities and other bills as well as potential expenses should your home need an unexpected repair, like a burst pipe or damaged roof.

The average senior living community costs around $3,500 per month. However, it usually covers more than just room and board. It pays for all utilities, cable and internet access, garbage disposal, daily food costs, transportation, access to caregivers, and more. Your loved one’s dollars will go much farther if they choose a quality facility that is within their budget.

  • Accommodations Made for Seniors

A senior living community is designed for the convenience of seniors. Many provide transportation to local places like churches, doctor’s offices, and grocery stores. This lifts more of the burden off loved ones, especially for seniors who can no longer drive. Living spaces are also designed with older residents in mind. No major changes or renovations are required to accommodate their medical needs or physical ability.

  • Peace of Mind for the Family

One of the biggest benefits of senior living communities is the peace of mind they provide for everyone. Family members will feel much better knowing that their aging parent or grandparent is cared for and in a safe, secure place. Facilities are designed to look and feel like home while providing all the necessities along with opportunities for fun and socializing.

If your loved one is aging, now is a good time to research your options. Our Central Scottsdale assisted living facility is ready to welcome new residents. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of joining our growing senior community.