Frequently Asked Questions


What Does My Monthly Rent Payment Cover?

Unless otherwise specified, your rent payment covers utility costs, housekeeping, cable television access, laundry service, daily living activities, medical care coordination, medication management, and three meals served per day plus snacks.

Who is Responsible for My Daily Care at Central Scottsdale Assisted Living?

We take your daily care very seriously at Central Scottsdale Assisted Living. State-licensed caregivers are on-site to handle all activities and administer medications as prescribed. We also have an assisted living manager who oversees our caregivers.

What is an Assisted Living Service Plan?

Your assisted living service plan is an essential document that lists the type of care that will be provided to you. This can include transfer assistance feeding, incontinence care, and other medical services.
Plans are developed on an individual basis based on the resident’s needs. The document is reviewed every 3, 6, or 12 months depending on the level of care you require. Changes are made as needed based on your health status and condition.

How Do I Schedule Appointments with Medical Care Providers?

Our staff will arrange for a medical care provider to come to you at Central Scottsdale Assisted Living. It’s convenient for our residents because no transportation is required. If you need to see an off-site care provider, talk to the manager to schedule your appointment.

Are My Dietary Needs Considered?

We understand the importance of good nutrition. We provide a well-balanced diet for all residents. Our staff is also equipped to accommodate specific dietary needs. If you have diabetes, require low sodium, or have a food allergy, let us know. We will provide a menu that suits your needs.